Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Newest Family Member

Last week at school, the boys' computer lab teacher told the kids about three little puppies she rescued from a brier patch near her house. They had been out there no telling how long with no food or water, they were covered in ticks and fleas...they were just about to die. She said it took them two and half hours to get these sweet little puppies loose. Can you imagine??? It makes me cringe to think how someone can do something like that to an innocent little puppy. She took the puppies to the vet and had all their shots, dewormed, and treated for the ticks and fleas...she just needed to find a home for them. My boys were the first to tell her that they were going to take one home. It took a little convincing on Clay's part, but he finally gave in. We went and picked him up last night, his name is Trooper. We think he is part Lab and part Border Collie, but were not 100% positive. It doesn't matter what he is anyway, the boys love him all the same!

Hunter, Cody, & Ty with Trooper

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Smell of Fall...

Being the first of week of fall, the kids and I decided to decorate the front porch. I know it's a little early, but this is my favorite time of year and I always love to get all my fall decorations out. The kids and I went and bought some mums and they helped me get all my things out of storage and decorate the porch. They love getting out there and helping me. After we finished outside, we moved to the inside and I made my fall display on my china cabinet. Ty helped with that too...he always has to put in his two cents!!!

Progress Report Time

Well, we're already half way thru the first nine weeks of school, so that means progress report time. The kids brought them home yesterday and I couldn't be any more happy. Hunter is doing so well this year...he is just so stinkin' smart! He has a 103.25% in Spelling; 100% in Social Studies; 100% in Science; 101.67% in Reading; 95.71% in Math; 93.62% in Grammar. I am so proud of him. Of course Ty, being in Kindergarten, doesn't get any "grades". It's just the basic he does his work...and he is really smart, he is definitely following in his brother's footsteps in that regard. On the other hand, there is this small little section on his progress report labeled "Behavior".......Ok, so you all know my child and know that this his not his strong point. There was a little check beside the "Needs Improvement". Well, DUH!!!!! I could've told you that! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Few Highlights

Ty & Ms. Jamie

Since I'm new to all of this, I thought I would fill everyone in on some highlights from the past few months. Ty graduated from the UCA Child Study Center last April. He had a wonderful year and he learned so much...plus he had a great teacher, Ms. Jamie. I think she made all the difference in the world. We're so proud of him!!!

Hunter & Ty at a pool party for Kellar

The kids and I had a very lazy summer. We spent our days sleeping in until 9:00 or 10:00 and hanging out at home mostly. We managed to take a couple of trips to Magic Springs and attended a few pool parties. The summer seemed to fly by!

Hunter & Ty's First Day of School

The boys started back to school on August 18. It's hard to believe that Hunter is already in the third grade. What's even harder to believe though, is that my baby started kindergarten! It doesn't seem like he should be old enough to be in school yet! :-) He is doing so great! He loves it...he comes home everyday with a story to tell!

Our Football Player

With the beginning of school comes football season. Since Hunter is in the third grade, he gets to play Pee-Wee football now. He is definitely keeping us busy right now. He has practice every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6:00-8:00 and then has a game every Saturday. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a long football career with the Vilonia Eagles!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Please be patient...

Ok...Ok...so everyone has a blog these days except for me...until now! With a little persuasion from some friends (you know who you are!), I decided it was finally time for me to start one. I don't really think we have a very intersting life, and no one will probably want to read about what we do on a daily basis...but here it is anyway. Please be patient with me since I'm new to all this...I may need some help here and there! Hope you enjoy! :-)