Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What a Wonderful Weekend

The weather this past weekend was absolutely perfect! As someone who despises hot weather, I was super excited to get up Saturday morning to temperatures in the 50's. Love it! Clay went to the deer woods for the day, so the boys and I decided to take advantage of the cooler weather. First we went to ArtsFest downtown. They had several booths set up promoting different "arts." They had rock sculpting, painting, crocheting, pottery, and some others. The only thing Ty wanted to do was pottery. He had to have his try at the pottery wheel. He did a really good job! Hunter was going to go next, but after he saw how dirty Ty was, he opted out of that one!
They even got to make something with some dry clay. It was a lot like play-dough. They could make whatever they wanted and take it home. Ty made a cup and two pumpkins and Hunter made a jack-o-lantern. They couldn't wait to get them home so they could dry and then paint them!

After ArtsFest, we headed to V-Town for an open house at the volunteer fire department. We enjoyed lunch, the boys got lots of goodies, went through all of the firetrucks, looked at the Air Evac helicopter, and of course....

The bounce house! Doesn't this look like brotherly love to you?

When we got home, this is what we found in the yard beside our house. These cows have been getting out almost everyday. They belong to the boys' friends that are always over at the house. Usually, their friends will chase the cows back into the fence. Well, the friends weren't there, so Ty took it upon himself to do it. I so wish I would have had my video camera charged at that time. It was the funniest thing you've ever seen, watching Ty running after the cows, "mooing" at them. Then Hunter decides to join in, and one charges toward him and he thought he was about to die. I was luaghing so hard, this was the only picture I ended up getting.

After corraling all of the cows, we headed to this sweet little girl's birthday party. The boy's had a blast! (even if it was at a cheer academy!) After the party, we headed to my grandparent's house for dinner.

We rounded out the day by watching the Hogs game we had recorded from earlier in the day. Do you know how hard it is to go through an entire day trying to avoid hearing the game or hearing anyone talking about it??? Well, we managed and good thing because it was a great game.

Wooo....Pig Soooie.....Razorbacks!

Just as some proof...occasionally I do let my children participate in messy activities inside the house! (Notice this is only Ty. I had to wait until Hunter left. There is no way I could have let both of them try to paint at the same time. It would have been everywhere!) Hunter's jack-o-lantern is still unpainted and will have to wait until Ty goes somewhere! =)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Finally Here...

Fall that is!!! I am l.o.v.i.n.g. this weather! Fall has always been my most favorite time of year...I love the colors, the smells, the weather, and of course the decorations. I couldn't hardly wait until September 22 to break out my pumpkins, fall leaves, and mums!

Of course September 22 wasn't only the first day of fall, it was also the first day of the fair and the parade. This year was a different experience for us. I have taken the boys every single year to the parade, but this year, they were supposed to walk in the parade with their boy scout groups. Clay ended up having to work and I had class, so the boys couldn't walk with their groups since we couldn't be with them. Clay is a member of the volunteer fire department where we live, so some of his friends offered to let the boys ride on the firetruck in the parade with them. Well of course they loved that idea! My boys would much rather "ride" in the parade than "walk" in it! (smart kids, if I do say so myself!) I was in such a hurry that day that I forgot my camera and when I was dropping them off, I had left my phone in the car, so I couldn't even get a picutre with that. Am I a horrible mother or what!?!? My kids' first time in the parade and I don't even have a picture to commemerate it!

Later that week, the first grade at Ty's school had their annual "Birthday Party." Since the kids can't bring cupcakes or goodies anymore to celebrate their individual birthdays, the first grade has one huge birthday party so they can celebrate everyone's birthday for the entire year. It's just like a regular birthday party...balloons, streamers, banners, cupcakes, ice-cream, goodie bags and games. I'm the head room mother in Ty's class, so I got to do all of the decorating and planning. Clay was off that afternoon, so I made him come help me decorate (you know he loved that). Who else was going to help me hang the streamers from the ceiling though? You know I'm too short (even standing on the desks, thank you very much!) The kids had a blast. We lit a candle on everyone's cupcake, sang happy birthday and then they got to dig in! When they finished with their snacks, I had set up a pin the tail on the donkey game and birthday bingo. Again, I was so busy that I hardly got any pictures. Just a few while the kids were eating. I wish I could've got the pictures of them playing pin the tail on the donkey...it was so funny!

In other news, I took my Praxis I test this past Saturday and........I PASSED!!!! Yay! Just one more thing I can mark off my list! I have an interview next month to get into the College of Education and then I can focus on getting d.o.n.e. !!! Midterms are next week and I couldn't be happier. It's hard to believe that this semester is halfway over! Just four more semesters to go. Woo-Hoo!!!

Also, went to the doctor for my two month check up yesterday...only lost 5 1/2 lbs. this month. Not too extremely happy about that. He assured me that this was just a "plateau" month and I should make up for it next month.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Get out there and enjoy that beautiful weather like we're going to!