Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ok folks...I don't know what has gotten into me lately. If I was pregnant, I would call it nesting, but I'm not...so I'm not sure what it is. When I got home from school Friday afternoon I had an urge to clean out my closet. I've cleaned out my closet many times before, but nothing like this.

If it was too big, too small, or hadn't been worn in the past year or so, it got tossed. I have such a hard time getting rid of nice clothes that I think I may wear again one day, but it had to be done. We have a very small closet where we are living now, and my clothes were jam packed together and the rod was sagging in the middle and about to break.

These are all of the empty hangers when I was finished. There are Seventy...yep, I counted them. And there were only four there when I started.
You would think I would have stopped there. But, to the contrary. I woke up Saturday morning with an overwhelming urge to rearrange my living room. Which led to a massive cleaning of the enitre house. You know when you move furniture that hasn't been moved in awhile and you see all the dirt and dust under it??? Well, that just pushed me over the edge. I moved every piece of furniture in our house to sweep and mop under it (we have stained concrete floors throughout our house), cleaned baseboards, took down blinds and curtains and cleaned them. And did I mention that while I was doing all of this I had anywhere from 8-10 kids running in and out of my house? Oh yes, that has become an every Saturday occurence now. My two boys, four brother and sisters from next door, another brother and sister from down the street, and occassionally, their two older sisters.
Anywho...that's beside the point.
You think I would have been worn out from all the cleaning, but I started in again Sunday. Sunday afternoon after church I decided to clean out our desk and reorganize. Now that was a chore. Trying to decide what could be thrown away and what needed to stay. I feel so much better now though. Don't you just love the way you feel when everything is organized???

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just Like Daddy

As if I wasn't having a hard enough time with my boys being so "grown-up", I walk into the bathroom the other morning and find this...

He was so proud of himself! This has become a part of our every morning routine now!

This is totally unrelated, but I just had to share my new purchase with you...

How cute are these??? Everyone knows I can't pass up a cute pair of shoes...no matter how much I really don't need them. But they're rainboots that look like cowboy boots!!! Everyone needs a pair of those, right???
And just so you know, I've been doing my rain dance this morning so I can wear them today!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Whew....slow down!!!

This week has seemed like a whirlwind. We're finally back in the groove of school. Along with that, comes lots of busy afternoons! I feel like we're hardly ever at home!

The boys have played just about every organized sport that they could have by now, football, t-ball, baseball, soccer....so this year they're looking for something different. They both joined boyscouts this week, and they are super excited to jump right into that, but they also want to try bowling!!! Yep, we found out that there is a youth bowling league. Both the boys love to bowl and thought this would be perfect for them....that was until Hunter found out that they meet every Saturday morning at 9:00am for thirteen weeks!!! That boy likes to sleep in...I'm not sure if he's gonna give that up or not! The league starts next Saturday, so I told him that he had until then to decide if he wanted to play or not.

One night this week (not sure which one...they all have sorta run together this week!) we finally got Ty to ride his bike without the training wheels! Woo-Hoo!!! The boys play with the kids down the street just about everyday, and they all ride their bikes, except Ty. He usually rides on the handlebars of one of his friends' bikes. All I could think about was him falling off, so I told him he HAD to learn to ride his bike. So off the training wheels went, and there he went down the road (with a little help)! I can't believe I don't have a baby anymore!

Last night we took the boys and my brother to the football game in V-Town. There's nothing like the first highschool football game of the season...it's so much fun! The boys are finally at an age where they love going and hanging out with their friends and watching the game. So now we can finally watch the game too and not worry about the boys!

Right before we left to go to the game, Ty discovered that he had a loose tooth! I don't think I have ever seen that kid so excited! He's been asking for the past year when he was going to loose a tooth..all of his friends have lost at least one tooth by now. Well, he wiggled and wiggled that tooth all night, and while we were at the game, he had his friend, Natalie, pull it. That's just one more thing to remind me that I don't have any babies anymore!

The boys had their friends stay the night with us last night after the game. So needless to say, I'm exhausted!!! I have swept my floor 4 times already today!!! They just keep going in and out and it's about to drive me crazy. I think the rain has finally stopped for the day, so they're going to have to keep it outside for now! :)

Just a little update....I went back to the weight management clinic this week for my four week check-up, and I've lost 17 lbs!!! Woo-Hoo!!! I guess this really is working...but after all, I haven't had a diet coke, cheese, or chocolate in 33 days as of today. It should be working!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Wish I Was a Girl...

We're now going on our second week of school. The first week (3 days) went great. The boys got up early, took showers, and were ready to go early every morning. They came home everyday and told me all of the exciting things they did that day. That all changed last Monday. When I dropped the boys off, Ty started crying. He said he missed me when he was at school and he just wanted to stay with me. I explained to him that I had to go to school too, and that he would be fine until I picked him up that afternoon.
This has gone on everyday since then. Actually, somedays, he starts in at night. He won't even play with Hunter after school, he comes and snuggles up beside me and cries about missing me and not wanting to go to school the next day. This absolutely breaks my heart.
I'm hoping this is just a short phase. I've been home with him since he was a little over a year old, and even last year when he started Kindergarten, I worked at his school, so he got to see me anytime he wanted to. Maybe it will just take him some time to get adjusted.
Just a funny little side note, Hunter was talking this weekend about joing the boy scouts. Ty heard everything Hunter was saying about it, and decided he wanted to join too. He was asking me all about it. I told him they would have meetings every Tuesday while I was in class and Daddy would take him and Hunter. Then, with tears in his eyes, Ty said, "I wish I was a girl so I could be a girlscout then you would have to go with me to my meetings!"
Gotta love that kid!