Sunday, August 16, 2009

What's Missing?

Three teeth! That's what! I know it's hard to tell from the picture, but poor Hunter had to go have three of his baby teeth pulled last week at the dentist.
It all started a few weeks back when he went to have his routine teeth cleaning. They decided then that he was definitely going to need braces to fix his poor little teeth, so they needed to go ahead and start the long (expensive) process. He had the three canine teeth that he hadn't lost pulled. When these permanant teeth start to grow in, we'll have to go back and have either some or all of them removed. Then when all of that is finished, we should be able to get braces.
I was a little nervous taking him to have these teeth pulled because Hunter takes after me when it comes to pain....we are big sissy's!!! He made himself sick thinking about it all day. As soon as we got to the dentist office they gave him some "happy gas" and all his worries went out the door. He was so funny! After the doctor finished giving him all of his shots, Hunter said, when are you going to give me a shot? He didn't feel a thing! He was too preoccupied trying to lift his hands and feet...he thought it was funny that they felt so heavy!
I wonder if they sell that "happy gas" to Mommy's???


April said...

HAHAHA!! I too love that gas :)
Hunter is not NEAR the sissy Matt is, fyi - he PASSED OUT before the dentist even cleaned his teeth!!! LOL!!!

torasa said...

well my kids as well as mom loves the gas too!!!! sounds liek he did great!! jase had to have the same thing done to his 2 front teeth!! ~torasa