Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to school

Well, we did it. We made it to school on time, (early, in fact!) and no incident to be reported! Maybe just a few tears when I got home. I know, I know, you would think I would be used to all of this by now, after all this is my fifth year to do this, but it's still hard to let your babies go.
Of course I had to take pictures of them before we left, and then walked them to their classes and took more pictures...I think they were ready for me to leave!

I can't believe he's already in 1st grade!!!

He looks so big...hard to believe he'll be in middle school this time next year!

Hunter with his teacher, Mrs. Davis. I absolutley love her. I got to work with her last year and we became good friends. She is an awesome teacher. Hunter is going to have a great year!

Ty with his teacher, Mrs. Lichtenstein. She is such a sweet, sweet lady. Ty is going to love her!!!

Ty with his friend, Noah. They had to hang their backpacks beside each other!

Sitting at his desk for the first time...right on the front row...just where he need to be!!!

So I just had to share this with you. Monday night we took the kids to buy their new tennis shoes for school. I always let them pick out whatever they want. So Hunter picked his out first, and Ty saw them and wanted the same pair. (You can see them in the pictures above) Then as we were about to leave, Ty spotted these...

He HAD to have them...he said they were the kind of shoes that they wore in "The Sandlot." So we got his size and he tried them on and immediately he started running around the store. He was so happy, he said these shoes made him run super fast. So of course I couldn't say no. I can't deny my baby if he wants to run fast!

While we were there, of course I had to look at shoes. I mean, I can't just walk into a shoe store and not look, right? I spotted a pair of Sperry Top Siders that I have wanted all summer. I've never bought them because really, all I wear during the summer is flip flops anyway, and I'm too cheap to spend that much money on a pair of shoes I'll hardly ever wear. Clay tried to convince me to get them, but I didn't. Well, my sweet, sweet husband went back when he got off work the next day and bought them and another pair of Yellowbox flip flops for me.

I LOVE these shoes!!!


torasa said...

well he is just too sweet!! they are cute shoes!!!! and what no pic of the new yellow box flops?~torasa

torasa said...

oh and let me comment on the whole school thing!!! well today was jase's first day and he couldnt wait, just turned around and said c-ya!!!!! it was sad just leaving him there!! but we are way excited for him!!! he got mrs. lyra and we think he is going to love her and have the time of his life!!!!! boy the sure do grow up fast!!!~torasa oh and we took tons of pics too in class, out side the building, with teacher, putting bag up..... etc..... :)