Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just What I've Been Looking For

Last weekend our community had their annual Bargains Galore on Hwy 64, which basically is miles and miles of yardsales. So the boys and I got up and about early (by early, I mean 8:00am...you know I don't stir about any earlier than that!), went to pick up my mom and set off. We had so much fun!!! I even taught the boys a little about negotiating. They did great for their first time, they came home with 2 Playstation games, a board game, 2 metal airplanes, and an Indiana Jones hat for $6!!! After a FULL day of yardsaling, all I came home with was this...

...Can you say YAY!!!! I have been looking for an antique school desk for a long time. Everytime I come across one in an antique store or flea market, they are either in really bad shape, or they want anywhere from $50-$100. I found this lil' beauty right before we were about to head home. They were only asking $25 and I got them down to $15!!! A great bargain, I think! Ever since I knew I wanted to be a school teacher, I wanted one of these desks for my classroom. Right now it's just a fixture in the boys' bedroom, but hopefully one day soon it will be in my classroom!

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torasa said...

such a great find!! not to metion too cute!!!! we went to the 64 galore and came back with only a huge box of toys for $2. (like they even needed any more toys) ha ha!!! but then again we didnt make it to very many, so maybe next year!! ~torasa