Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our First Victory

As you all know, Hunter has been playing football this year. It has not been a good season to say the least. We have lost every game we've played. Not only have we lost, we haven't even scored 1 touchdown....until today! This morning the Eagles played the Heber Springs Cubs and won 20-12! We were so excited! We just knew this was the beginning of good things to come. We had another game this afternoon against the Greenbrier Panthers and we just knew we would stomp them too....but to our dissappointment, we lost 24-0. Oh well, we wouldn't want 2 victories in one day go to their heads!!!

Hunter is #42 He plays Safety (he has the black undershirt on)

He's gettin' ready!

Hunter, Ty and Cody after the game...I thought this was a cute pic!

Ty and Luke dancing to "I like to move it, move it" during half-time


April said...

How stinkin' cute does he look in his little uniform?!?!! I'm SO GLAD they won - I know they were all excited! Love the the background, too :) GO EAGLES!!

Sarah said...

Ok - first, let me say that I'm so proud of Hunter and his team mates for their victory. Second, let me say how PROUD I am of you for taking your camera and taking pictures!! Yay Lori! And third, how cute is Ty throwing up the rockstar horns in the last picture!! :)

Anonymous said...


Dallas Family said...

Yay for the victory!

Fawn said...

Congrats on your first one! You must be sooo proud