Sunday, July 25, 2010


Since it's been awhile since I've blogged, I don't know where to begin! For now, I'll just post some pics and promise I'll do better with keeping up! (sorry, but these are not in order!)

One weekend we took a little "day trip." We just checked out some local sites and visited some flea markets. You can just see the excitement in Ty's face!

Ty and Noah at their big brothers' play.

Fourth of July at home

Another weekend we took a little trip to Hot Springs. We played putt-putt golf, rode go-carts and bumper boats, visited some bath houses, and shopped....and shopped...and shopped some more!

Yes, you can call me a bad mother. I have NO pictures of Ty actually playing baseball this year. I snapped this one after we got home from his last game! He played in Conway this year and loved it! His team wasn't the best...but they got a trophy for best sportsmanship!

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