Saturday, December 20, 2008

A very busy week

Being the week before Christmas break, we have been super school and at home. Of course we started out the week with two snow days, which was nice, a couple of class Christmas parties, a Christmas musical, pajama day, and finally Christmas dinner with the grandparents. I'm actually happy this week is over. I'm looking forward to sleeping in and not having a schedule for the next two weeks. Here's a few pictures from our hectic week:

Hunter & Ty with Trooper sliding on the ice

Eating the ice....YUCK!

Ty with the cookie HE decorated at his Christmas party

Ty & Cooper

Ty & Braden opening their gifts

Hunter had a small speaking part in his class play...he was an elf. It was absolutely adorable!

Hunter & Ty after the play

Hunter & Ty at Granny & PaPa's house...waiting on Santa

They finally got to sit on Santa's lap


Dallas Family said...

Ty is getting so big! Looks like you had a great (and busy) week. Have fun sleeping in!

Sarah said...

What a cute picture of Hunter and Ty with Santa!! And, I have to say, Hunter looked so precious as an elf!!!