Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Absolutely Worthless

That's exactly what I've been today. Ty is at home sick....{sigh} I've been looking for something productive to do with myself while at home today. Of course I didn't know I was going to be home today, so of course the house was cleaned, the dishes were washed, and the laundry was done and put away. Now what??? After sitting at my computer for hours this morning {being completely unproductive} I decided to start a couple projects of my own. First I made an Easter wreath. No, it's not one a would hang on the front door of my home, but it is pretty cute on my side entry door!

As I was digging in my cabinet of goodies for the Easter ribbon, I came across some cute zebra print ribbon I had completely forgotten about. That's too cute not to use, so I kept digging for something to do with it. After finding a red tin bucket, and some rub-on letters, I knew what I would do.

I thought it would be cute to put on my desk at work and fill it with candy! Yummy!

So then I moved on to the boys room. It's been a work in progress for awhile now. I just keep adding and changing things up in there. I finally decided what to hang on my big empty wall in there today and this is what I finally decided on...

Since I was taking pictures of the boys' room, I thought I would share them with you and you can give me any ideas you might have! see this empty spot on the wall beside the window??? I really want to paint a tall pine tree on there. I just haven't got up the nerve to try painting on the walls yet. {April...I may need your help on this one!}

Oh, and as for the sticks on the floor, they are soon to be a curtain rod. I'm waiting on Clay to cut the antler's off of a deer he killed last year so I can use them as the brackets for the rod. I think it will be super cute when I'm done!


Sarah said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! That is so cute! I love the bucket - it turned out so cute!!! :) Are you for hire? :) :) :)

April said...

Your house is so clean it makes me sick....and jealous ;)! Dusty & I reminiscing the other day of how he was always so upset because you would CLEAN UP THE TOYS before he was done playing with them, HAHAHA!!!

April said...

{please add the word 'were' between 'I & reminiscing' - I type to fast without thinking :) }

Nic said...

Very cute!! You can do my house anytime!!