Saturday, November 7, 2009

How Long Has It Been?

I have become a major slacker these days in the blogging department. I have a good excuse though...I mean I AM taking 20 hours...that's 7 classes right now. It's not like I have an abundance of free time on my hands!

Actually, because I have been so busy with school lately, we haven't done anything exciting. Other than going to school daily, I also had to have 22 hours of outside field experience, not to mention the countless (25...of course I counted them!) papers I have had to write. I am happy to announce that I am now officially finished with my field experience and I only have 2 more papers to write this semester. (Then I can breathe for a few weeks!)

Let's see...where to start...

A few weeks ago Clay and my dad built a box stand for Clay and the boys to hunt out of. It's one of the nicest box stands I've ever seen! I guess that's good though, because apparently someone has the idea that I'm going to be going hunting with them this year! :) He even bought me (yeah, right) my own gun!

Here's Ty and Hunter with their cousin, Billy Wayne. Just fyi...Billy Wayne just turned 6 this summer (yes, that means he's younger than Ty and bigger than Hunter!)


A couple of weeks ago we had a house guest for a few days...

Archie stayed with us for a week while mom and dad went on vacation. Needless to say, Archie and Charlie did not get along very well. Charlie is used to ruling the roost around here and he did not appreciate having to share the attention with someone else! I think Charlie got more exercise that week than he has his entire life! That dog chased him all over this house. We loved having Archie, but I think Charlie was ready to see him go!!!


Here's a picture of Ty with his friend, Niles, at their Halloween Party at school

After the Halloween festivities...just me and my Momma's boys

Clay started back at the Fire Department full time a few weeks ago. That's taken a little adjustment getting used to again. He loves it though and that's all that matters! He had to work on Halloween...but the good news is he got to go in his first fire that night! He was so pumped...he even has a scar to commemorate the experience...the ceiling fell down on him and cut the side of his face (he's fine).


I decided to take the boys to mom and dad's neighborhood to trick-or-treat this year. We only ended up going up and down their street, and the boys had to stop off once and dump their candy becuase their buckets were overflowing! Needless to say we have been on sugar overload this week!

The Evil Warlock and Wolverine

And on one last final note...I went for my third check-up last week since starting my weight loss journey and I lost another 7lbs. Woo-hoo!!!
It is so nice to be able to get up in the morning and put on anything I want to and it actually fits (and looks good)! I haven't felt this good since before I had my kiddos. I'm not trying to brag about my success, becuase Lord knows I have failed many, many times, and I still have a loooong way to go. I just want to encourage anyone that is in the same boat I was in and let them know if I can do it, they can too!
(Sorry if I sounded a bit like a Jenny Craig commercial!)

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