Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall Pal Pics

The 4th grade class that work with has been taking fall "Pal Pics" the past couple of weeks. For $1.00 the kids could have their picture made with some of their friends. This was one of the first real "projects" I've had since I started working at school. I got to decorate the backdrop for the pictures and helped in taking the pictures. You all know now why I love my job! This is the kind of stuff I absolutely love. Here's a couple of pictures of the boys:

The Boys and Me

Ty, Landen, & Luke

Hunter, Cody, & Chase

Ty & Kellar


April said...

That is SUCH a good pic of you & the boys (as always :)!!! The backdrop looks awesome, too - right up your alley!

Anonymous said...

great job lori! they all so cute!~torasa

Sarah said...

Cute Cute Cute! You did such an awesome job with the decor. :)
PS - The Vilonia shirt you have on is adorable!

Nic said...

Very Cute!!