Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friends, Food, & Fleamarkets

We had another fabulous weekend this past week. We had dinner with some friends Friday night and played some cards. It was wild times, let me tell ya! Our sweet friend Shannon made Swiss Steak for us. I had never had it before and it was absolutley delish! For dessert, I made a brownie trifle. I meant to take a picture of it becuase it was so pretty!!! And let me tell you, it tasted just as good as it looked. I about made myself sick eating it!
It was such a beautiful day Saturday we decided to take a drive and do some flea marketing. We loaded up early Satruday morning and hit all kinds of flea markets and antique stores down Highway 65. We ended up driving all the way to Harrison, stopping in little towns along the way. We had the best time. Even the boys loved it. They love looking through the flea markets looking for unusual things.
We're trying to enjoy as many of these days we can before school starts. Can you believe it's only 4 weeks away!?!? It makes me so sad. I'm not ready for it to be over yet!

The boys in downtown Leslie

I thought this old Pepsi Machine was pretty cool...and the drinks were only can't beat that!

Me and my sweetie

I thought this was a really neat storefront

Can't you feel the brotherly love?

What's a road trip without some greasy food from Daisy Queen?

Clay trying to force feed me an onion ring. Yuck!!! I hate onions!

I'll take my ice cream, thank you!

...All I ended up with after a long day of shopping. But isn't it cute!?!


Nic said...

Aww...Daisy Queen...Love that place! Greasy Hamburger. Not to sure about that chilli Dog though!

Lori Beth said...

The chili dog was Clay's not mine...I had a juicy cheeseburger...yummy!