Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My OCD is in overdrive

Those of you that know me, know that I am a neat FREAK. I'm totally OCD when it comes to cleaning and things being in order. I've been that way since the day I was born. Yes, even as a child, I hated messes. If you got a toy out to play with, you had better put it up before you get anything else out...and most of the time I would take it away from you before you were done with it because I couldn't stand anything being out of place. Everyone said that would change when I had kids. Well, it didn't. Actually, it probably got worse. My poor kids don't make messes. They know Momma will have a melt down and just pick it up. I've totally ruined them. Especially Hunter. He is now the same way. He hates it when he and Ty have friends over and they make a mess...he stresses out the whole time. I usually try to avoid the situation when I can and just make the kids play outside. Today of course, it was raining, so I let the kids play inside. This is the result:

I'm sure to most of you , this probably isn't that bad. But to me, Oh it makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it!!! I've got to get off here so I can go clean now!

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